This is what you will see when the sun disappears during the total eclipse


As the last flashes of sunlight completely disappear on August 21, humans will be able to see something impossible with the naked eye: the atmosphere of the sun.

It is always up there, but direct observation is impossible. After all, the sun produces enough light to eclipse anything close. However, as the solar disk becomes darkened by the presence of the moon, a crown will emerge brightly.

At that moment, a lot of luminous threads will radiate out and around the sun, as if they were thousands of hair strands blowing with the wind. It’s plasma. Meanwhile, scientists across the country will document the show for information on the structure of the sun’s magnetic field.

The crown of the sun is a demonstration of how incredibly energetic the sun is. The torrents of plasma can reach millions of kilometers and in any direction, which represents a danger for any space object that is in its trajectory.

This star is very volatile and reaches temperatures of several million degrees (far surpassing the “soft” surface of the sun of 11,000 degrees). With these indices, the iron atoms are able to get rid of the electrons emitting, later, explosions of red or green light.

The crown is not what makes the sun shine but generates some of its own natural light. Humans are able to see it after the moon has covered the solar disk. At that time, scientists will be able to identify which elements are present as a function of the wavelengths to which they radiate.

The patterns observed in the crown during the eclipse are a remarkably good indicator of the behavior of the magnetic field.

Large plasma eruptions and the sun’s magnetic field often originate in the solar corona. As if they were huge volcanic eruptions, the strength of these solar explosions is incredible and, according to studies, that matter would be detrimental to our modern lives.

The consequences of a mass expulsion of coronal mass directed towards the Earth could be disastrous. However, there is no reason to be alarmed by 21 August. Instead, be prepared to witness something very different in this world


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