NASA’s Cassini captures stunning turbulent clouds over Saturn

Saturn Clouds Cassini

Cassini mission may be in its final stages, but it hasn’t stopped amazing us with new information and images being relayed back to Earth every single day.

In one of the latest images captured by the Cassini spacecraft, we can see turbulent clouds over Saturn. According to NASA the image was captured by Cassini on the day it commenced its grand finale.

The Cassini mission has had a fruitful journey ever since its orbital launch in 1997. Over the years Cassini has sent back copious amounts of data about Saturn as well as its moons. Every new image and data beamed back by Cassini during its last mission has shown an unpredictable side of the planet or a feature that would have otherwise been impossible to envisage.

Cassini’s long mission at Saturn enabled the spacecraft to see the Sun rise over the north, revealing that region in great detail for the first time. According to NASA, this view looks toward the sunlit side of the rings from about 44 degrees above the ring plane.


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