Police, Social — April 3, 2015 at 10:00 am

Escaped pig blocks Burger King drive-through in Pa.


FERRELLTON, Pa., April 2 (UPI) —Pennsylvania State Police said they were called to capture an escaped pig seen blocking a Burger King drive-through and snapping at customers.

State police based in Somerset County said they were called Thursday morning to the Burger King in Ferrellton on a report of a pig blocking the drive-through lane and snapping at customers who tried to approach it.

Police said the pig bit a woman who declined medical treatment.

The pig was rounded up and returned to its owner at a nearby farm.

Burger King workers said escaped farm animals are occasionally spotted in the area.

Pictures of the perturbed pig’s fast food protest were taken by witness Ashlee Shawley andposted to social media.



Via: upi.com