Animal Box Office Collection: Ranbir Kapoor

Animal Box office collection : Ranbir Kapoor-starrer has a PHENOMENAL Day 1 across  India . Movie Collection for Day1  Fri ₹ 54.75 cr. for Hindi version. Director Sandeep Reddy Vanga who’s previous two films Arjun Reddy and Kabir Singh were blockbuster. 

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Animal Box Office Collection – Total Collection (18 Days) – ₹ 519.64 Cr nett ( All Versions ) – Can be considered BLOCKBUSTER

Major reason for strong Animal Box Office Collection – Action scenes are brutal and awesome and this movie is for mass audience and made for cinema experience.

Animal movie is story about Father and Son relationship, greatest son who goes to unimaginable extent to protect his father. Sandeep Reddy Vanga narrated a saga which has Substance, violence, emotions & powerful drama. Length of Animal movie is 3 hours 21 minutes. Sandeep Reddy Vanga kept his promise of making out and out violence movie. This movie is all about swag of actor Ranbir Kapoor, he has master his character and gave full justice to his role. Film is immensely engaging screenplay that has high points and elevation moments throughout the Movie . Actor Ranbir Kapoor gives new definition to Alpha Male Characters. He has outperformed in both intense & action scenes, bringing audience to cinema hall resulting into record breaking Animal Box Office Collection.
Multiple shades his character reflect crazy on screen and he has performed them with tremendous intensity . Director Sandeep Reddy Vanga has given him once in a lifetime role which would be cherished by his fans for years to come. Animal box collections are breaking records becomes highest grossing ‘A’ certified film.

Animal Box Office Collection

Another Brilliant Actor Bobby Deol, year 2023 has seen high note for his acting career , we can also say that he is now Boby Deol 2.0. He has played a cameo will leave you speechless. He has shine on the screen without any dialogue ,one the most insanely written role & he nailed it.

Anil Kapoor is like old wine , his acting is top notch. Fantastic Interval block with brilliant fight screen and cherry on cake is background music.

Climax scenes of Ranbir -Anil Kapoor and  last 30 mins are the major highlights. Would suggest that you should not miss the Post Credit scene, it will is next level and will blow your mind away.

Below are my thought what went wrong in Animal Movie

  1. Dull second half – First half ended on high note, viewers were expecting explosive second half but unfortunately second half is not as per expectation. Second half is stretched and some sub plots are irrelevant. If such scenes were removed it would have not impacted the movie. Senseless, dragged and vulgar scenes in second half makes it dull. Fight scene in the first half is more interesting and impactful however climax fight scene is comparatively is not impactful.
  2. Casting -Casting of Rashmika Mandana has not justified to her role .Co -Star Rashmika Mandana is playing role of Ranbir Kapoor’s wife. Her acting is below average, her expression in anger scenes and dialogue is not in matching and accent is not clear. She has to work more on her Hindi accent. On the other hand love story scenes of Rashmika Mandana and Ranbir Kapoor is too stretched and it is not required considering the main story.
  3. Gun Culture – First half we have witnessed a scene where Ranbir Kapoor enters in his school with AK47 gun just to threaten boys who tease her sister. This can make negative impact on youngster. Film maker should have some CSR ( Corporate Social Responsibility) and should ensure that move should convey positive message.
  4. Less Screen Time – Viewer wanted to see more of Actor Boby Deol but he didn’t enough screen time which can disappoint to his loyal fans.
  5. Too much violence – Violence Violence &  Violence – Fist half was full of Violence , audience would have love see more on father and son relationship instead of seeing only violence.

Note : – These my view and can differ with others.


Animal Box office collection

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