Big Boss 17-Salman Khan BASH Abhishek Kumar

Big Boss 17 : Salman Khan BASH Abhishek Kumar for his aggressive behavior.

On weekend war episode of Big Boss 17 – Salman said to Abhishek while taking the class, that he had tried multiple times to make him that his behaviour is not good for his career. He said that he love him and even scold him but he do not understand. This aggressive behavior of his is not good for him , neither in personal life nor in professional life.

Salman shows the housemates all the clips right from the start of the season, how Abhishek charged aggressively towards contestants.

Salman also says, you say a lot of wrong words in aggression, whether you are a boy or a girl. You keep crossing your line.

Salman says that Abhishek kumar is a waste and housemates shouldn’t waste their time on him. Big Boss didn’t brought him here to fight with others. They have brought him to play the game.

Salman was very angry on the statement (“Raat to Kahi aur jaa kar” ) passed by Abhishek Kumar during the fight with Isha Malviya and he said ( “Main aapko nichod deta”) if he was outside the big boss house.



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