Cyclone Michaung

The name of the cyclone ‘Michaung’ was proposed by Myanmar, which signifies resilience and fortitude. This is the sixth cyclone to develop in the Indian Ocean this year and the fourth to form in the Bay of Bengal. Earlier, the Indian Meteorological Department had predicted that Cyclone Michaung was expected to form in the southwest Bay of Bengal on Sunday, December 3.

Cyclone Michaung | DMK MP Kanimozhi says, “In the last 2 days, we had more than 33 centimetres of rainfall which is much more than what we had in 2015, but because the govt was prepared and many people have been evacuated and moved to shelters. Around 411 shelters have been already prepared…Water has also been pumped out of most of the areas and power has also been restored in more than 60-70 per cent of the houses…” – Source ANI

Internet connectivity may be temporarily affected due to our Network being impacted by the Michaung Cyclone . The restoration work is in progress.

All flights of IndiGo from Vizag to various destinations were cancelled on December 5

Cyclone Michaung Cyclone Michaung Cyclone Michaung Cyclone Michaung

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