Jake Paul vs Andre August

Jake Paul vs Andre August –┬áJake Paul knocks out Andre August

Jake Paul VS Andre August FULL FIGHT


Jake Paul took out Andre August in the primary round Friday night at the Caribe Royale Resort in Orlando, Florida.

Paul conveyed a strong right uppercut that dropped August to the material. A flimsy August couldn’t beat the count at 2:32 of the primary round of their cruiserweight session.

With his first knockout in quite a while, Paul moved to 8-1.

“I said that the entire week in the primary round,” Paul said during a post-battle interview on DAZN. “I uncovered it. This is the force of articulation.

“Furthermore, I said I want to bring the old ‘issue kid’ back.” I have been awesome to these folks and allowed them to go to the later adjusts. Set up my shot and it continued the entire evening.”

August tumbled to 10-2-1.

This was Paul’s most memorable success against an unadulterated fighter, his main session against a conventional fighter finished with a split choice misfortune to Tommy Rage.

Jake Paul crushed Andre August in the principal round of Friday Night Battles.

Paul, 26, depicted his battle against the semi-secret August as a promise to battle fighters as opposed to MMA warriors in the expectation of coming out on top for a big showdown. Prior to confronting August, Paul had battled MMA contenders in five of his seven sessions and one against a YouTuber.

Before the battle, Paul was looking abnormally free before the ring walk, he moved onto his sibling’s shoulders and both were snickering.

Jake Paul was in finished control
There was never a touch of worry from Paul, who strutted into the ring like he was going for an excursion and winked at August during pre-battle directions.

Nobody expected to hold a survey to decide the group’s number one.

The roughly 4,000 fans at the setting cheered noisily, not during Paul’s ring-entry and his final blow, yet during the victor’s ringside interview.

“I simply needed to give you a knockout for Christmas,” he said, starting greater energy.

Jake Paul is digressing from the content in his improvement as a fighter. Paul meets Andre August, the most experienced proficient fighter that Paul has confronted, on Friday night in Orlando, Florida.

Paul cut his teeth in master boxing by overcoming previous UFC champions, MMA whizzes, an ex-NBA player and an individual social powerhouse. So it came as a shock when he dumped a functioning recipe to battle August, a fighter flaunting 12 expert battles and no name esteem. On paper, August is the most equipped fighter that Paul has looked since losing a parted choice to Tommy Rage in February.

“I will pass on all that conversing with the ladies,” August said. “I don’t have to talk like that. I lack the capacity to deal with all that. He needs to do what he needs to do in light of the fact that this is his thing. It is, so how about we get it on.”

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